SEO, but how?

SEO, but how?
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“Export Twitter bookmarks”, "Crypto trading alerts”, “Twitter analytics”, "Get my followers info", "Generate AI images of myself" ...

These are a few keywords I dream to be well referenced in Search Engine for  TwittExplorer, Cryptopy or Unrealme

Indeed, when you start a business, everybody tells you SEO is very important.
It’s great if you have an audience on social networks, but if you want to get new customers from other sources you have to start SEO.
In my side, I mainly use Twitter to communicate, but I would love people to be able to find my websites using Google.

SEO is important, but how can I do?

I have never done SEO before, my cofounders neither. In my mind, SEO was keywords to enter in HTML meta tags within websites to get better ranked on Google, but I’m aware it’s more complicated.

We started our bootstrapped SaaS recently and we couldn't afford to pay for SEO expert so I decided to learn from online resources. I followed people talking about SEO on Twitter, I met Nicolas : SEO expert, and read articles.

To improve SEO:

  • Website texts optimization
    Yes, you can enter keywords in meta tags, but search engine algorithms are smarter and not limited to meta tags.
    They read your texts and give importance to words placed at the beginning of your texts. Place keywords at the beginning of your paragraph and into title is a best practice, and don’t leave images without “alt’ description using some keywords.

    A way to get more keywords leading to your website is to host a blog. Every article is an additional source of texts with keywords, and it’s more chances to get visitors
  • Keywords optimization

Make several landing pages. One landing page for each keyword you target.

  • Website tag optimization
    Be sure you filled the title and description tags of your website.
    Place one H1 per page. Don't be tempted to add more H1 to a webpage, you won't be ranked better.
    Make sure you filled "alt" information of your images.
  • Website performance optimization
    The faster your website is, the better is the experience for your user, the higher are your chances users stay longer. And when a user stays on your website and visit internal pages, you’re better ranked for algorithm.

    Use pagespeed to know if your website is optimized.
  • Links
    In short, the more website references (through links) your website, the better your notoriety will be regarding Search Engine and the better you will be ranked.
    Plus, if you are referenced on website, you will not only get a better rank on Search Engine, but you will get more visibility. People will start to come from different sources to your website 

I hope I helped you to know more about SEO. SEO takes a while, you won't see results instantly but it's worth it!

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