Personal brand, why does it matter?

Personal brand, why does it matter?

I started to be active on Twitter in summer 2022 after a phone call with Tibo who gave me one of the most valuable advice I had in 2022.

I called him to propose to him to build a project together. I knew him at engineering school. Since, I always saw him as someone I would appreciate to work with: smart, positive and full of ideas.

At this time I had no idea he built Tweet Hunter. He told me he had no time for another project as he already had a profitable business. But he gave me advice: to create a personal brand. Indeed, the common point to everything you’ll build is you. Read his words here.

People prefer to follow people more than companies. Not convinced? Look at Tesla vs Elon Musk: 18,8M versus 123,5M followers. Elon Musk have 6,5 times more followers than Tesla, a company he built.

Elon Musk Twitter account
Tesla Twitter account

I thought about it and decided to give Twitter a try by tweeting everyday.

I tweeted mostly about data & crypto. At first it was difficult, then I quickly discovered how powerful it is to share knowledge.

Followers tracker - by TwittExplorer

On my account I share personal stories, ressources about data, information about SaaS building.

At the beginning, I had the impression of talking in the void: no one commented.

But then my account grew and whenever I have a question my audience is here to help me.

Give, and people will give you back.

Also, I feel like I made friends. At least, connections. I made calls with a few of my followers and it's nice to see Twitter is real.

Personal brand offer opportunities. If someone needs a coach, do you think he will contact:

- A) someone with 8K followers talking about coaching

- B) an empty twitter account saying "coach" with 3 followers and no photo?

I'm pretty sure he will take option A.

Since I started Twitter, a few months ago:
- 30+ persons reached out to me to get a mentor for data science or SaaS creation
- I have been contacted to participate in podcasts & Twitter Spaces
- I received CV
- People offered to help for my SaaS
- Some followers bought IACrea's credits to redecorate their home
- I received a lot of nice messages: it really helps to stay motivated!
- I met friends

Opportunities are endless when you share with people.

I can't wait to see what will happen in the next few months.

You can find me on Twitter here, and I'm experimenting something new on instagram here.