SaaS templates: Meet Jonathan

SaaS templates: Meet Jonathan

Today I'm pleased to introduce you Jonathan , the creator of Supastarter: NextJS templates to build fast SaaS, with supabase integration.

Hi Jonathan! I’m happy you accepted the interview! Can you introduce yourself?

Hello, I am Jonathan, a full stack developer from Germany and the creator of supastarter. I tweet a lot about Supabase, Next.js, TailwindCSS and web development in general.

How did you get the idea of Supastarter?

The idea for supastarter came from of my own need to save time on creating new projects for clients. I found myself implementing the same things like authentication, internationalization, permissions and so on over and over again. That’s why I created a SaaS starter template that would essentially allow me to get new projects started and deployed within a few hours. The result is supastarter - a powerful, versatile starter template for SaaS applications.

It’s true that landing page, stripe, authentication… are recurrent components for online businesses. It’s super useful to develop faster main products! Thank you for developers. Are you a solo entrepreneur?

The product was originally implemented as an internal template for the software company sedecon solutions which I am running with a friend. For the development and marketing of supastarter I am currently doing this as a solo entrepreneur.

Can you share some stats / numbers about Supastarter since your launch in August 2022?

With currently about 40 customers it has been an interesting journey as an indie hacker so far.

My main sources for traffic and customers are twitter and indiehackers. I am currently at nearly 3500€ revenue in total.

And I see you're doing good! Do you have a marketing strategy?
My marketing strategy currently is to talk about related topics (Supabase, Next.js, TailwindCSS) in the communities and to create content around this on my blog (for SEO and to help customers).

What are the main issues you encountered?

The main problem I currently see is that the stack is a bit too opinionated for some developers. That’s why I am planning to expand the project to be more flexible and to offer also starter templates for other frameworks like Nuxt, Remix and Ionic.

Aside of Supastarter you are a full time employee. How do you manage your time?

I use the morning hours and parts of the weekend for the development of supastarter. Since this is not that much time in total, focusing and prioritizing is key here.

Final words, what are your tips for people who want to create a SaaS too?

I can only recommend using a starter template for your next project since with the little time most of us have for the projects you should rather focus on whats important for YOUR SaaS and don’t waste time implementing things like authentication.

I am always happy to support other developers, so if you have a question just DM me on Twitter @jonathanwilke.

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