KloutUp : Meet Mansour

KloutUp : Meet Mansour

Hi I'm Mansour, Frontend Developer for 2 years, I'm French and live in Stockholm for 1 year with my wife and kids. I'm passionate about tech, travel and especially sports. I like to do personal projects on my free time, I'll tell you about my latest one: "KloutUp".

My background is atypical because I started to study development in 2018, before that I was working in sales and in the factory.

As soon as I finished studying tech after 2 years of bootcamp, I found a job in Sweden and that's how I ended up in Stockholm.

So today I'm going to tell you about my latest project, KloutUp... What is KloutUp?
You know those sites where you put all your links, online presence, and you put a single link that gathers all that in your bio? That's what KloutUp does, your one link in your bio.

The story of KloutUp starts really by chance, in December I'm looking for a small project to do, I come across an article that said that the holy Elon Musk had banned Linktree from twitter, I said to myself why not make my own alternative since I'm not a big fan of their UI, KloutUp is born on Christmas Eve, I put the first lines of code.

At the beginning I code something simple, for me only, and I post as usual my progress on Twitter, and there I have several people who tell me they are interested to have access to the service, I had demand! What an excitement, I modify my code so that people can register and two weeks later I launch a V1 of KloutUp, which has nice feedback.


I'm launching the project and on the first day I've got about 50 people signing up, and I've got good feedback, but the UI was not a fan, so I'm going to do a V2 immediately.

The technologies I use on KloutUp are NExt JS, Supabase, Tailwind CSS & Typescript, I always challenge myself to code and release my projects within 30 days, I don't expect perfection.

Today KloutUp not only allows you to have your links, but a pro version allows you to have the analysis of your visits as well as to connect your Stripe account to receive or sell services directly on your page.

The number one goal is not to earn money directly but more to practice doing several projects and monetize some of them, let's say I am having fun and learning.

Analytics dashboard

It's 400 registered users, 3400 visits in the month of the launch, these are figures that make me very happy and motivate me to continue.

I only have one pro user at the moment, we'll keep trying to convert more people, $7 MRR 😅

The next step for KloutUp is the launch on Product Hunt on the 7th of March, the aim is clearly to increase the number of users and benefit from the spotlight, I hope to achieve this.

If you want to follow my news one address: my Twitter Mans_JS !

If you want to discover: KloutUp