From 0 to 51k$ in 3 months: Meet Dagobert

From 0 to 51k$ in 3 months: Meet Dagobert

If you want to discover someone interesting and fun on Twitter, you can check @dagorenouf 's profile: he tweets memes about founders, and shares his startup's journey.

Hi Dagobert! Thank you for your participation to AboutStartup! You built logology a few years ago, can you tell us the story behind?

My wife was a freelance logo designer for 15 years, and she kept noticing that early stage startups couldn’t afford it, since it usually costs more than $3k. I’m a web developer and thought we could build an automated way to provide her designs and reduce the cost, to reach these new customers. Since we had just gotten married and wanted to quit our job, we thought it would be a great idea to build it and go on this journey together.

Also, you built a strong personal brand on Twitter and you made a course "how to dominate twitter" after you went from 150 to 30 000 followers.
Your sales stats are impressive! What is your strategy to reach customers?

Almost all of our customers come from twitter, both for the startup and the course. My approach is not to promote my product often, but rather to tell my story in a way that’s engaging and authentic, so that people connect with it, follow me, and enjoy following my journey. And over time, they also discover my products and what I’m building, and since they trust me already they are more inclined to buy it.

What are the main issues you encountered during your entrepreneur’s journey?

Our main struggle was to find customers during the first 3 years. We had almost no marketing experience and it’s something we really didn’t like doing. So we focused on the product hoping that by making it better it would attract customers. But sadly it didn’t. So eventually I decided to get more into marketing, and learn how to get people to our website. It was a huge challenge but, just like everything, eventually i got better at it and managed to attract more people to our products, mostly through twitter at this stage. My message is: don’t give up even if a new type of work scares you, if you stick with it you will be pleasantly surprised that you can become good at it.

You’re also known as the king of startup memes on Twitter. Can you share your favorite ones?

My favorite one is this one

It was meant as a joke and also keeping myself accountable for not just building courses but also keep building startups, to not become a joke of a founder 😅

My second favorite is this one, where the dog is basically me and my wife when we launched without any marketing plan:

Finally, this one describes my fear of having to go back to my old life and have a job again:

Final words, what are your tips for people who want to create a SaaS too?

the main thing i learned over the years is that the product matters less than having access to people you sell it to, at least at the beginning. So my main tip is that instead of building a product you think is cool, start by putting yourself out there and building an audience around topics you’re interested in. You will form connections and get more access to people in your niche, and eventually you will notice a problem them have. THIS IS THE IDEA FOR YOUR PRODUCT! then you go ahead and build it in public, sharing the process with your audience. And when you launch you’ll already have people ready to buy and amplify it. It works 10x better than imagine a product out of your hat then try to find a way to reach people who might be interested in it.

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