About this site

Hello! My name is Pauline and I'm the main author of this site.

Me, created by unrealme.io (my second SaaS)

Beside my full time work as a managing consultant for a big firm, I am an indie hacker (i.e: I create companies without funding).

I bootstrapped several projects:

  • IACrea : get a new home design in a few seconds from a picture
  • Twittexplorer.com: automatically export twitter data to Google Sheets (bookmarks, followers, tweets) and get analytics
  • Aboutdata.io: aggregator of the best resources for data scientists / analysts
  • Cryptopy.fr : custom crypto trading alerts
  • Unrealme.io (sold): images generation of yourself

Blog objectives

I will be sharing my journey of creating and monetizing a product.
My first objective is to be as transparent as I can. I will share as much difficulties, successes, lessons, tools and tips to help people who are interested in starting their own business.

The second objective is to inspire you by telling you my story and let other founders publish their story too. Entrepreneurship is difficult but it's a wonderful journey.

You created a SaaS, startup, business... And want to share your story? Write me on Twitter (Pauline_Cx) or drop me an email: [email protected] .

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You may find affiliation links on the blog, they are here to help the blog financially.